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Nathalie Kayal’s road to the Shearwater Young Horse Champs

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Full time dressage rider Nathalie Kayal qualified Woodcroft St Emillion for the Shearwater Potential 5 Year Old Championships at Pachesham and tells us how despite not planning to buy a youngster, she fell for him straight away!

“Woodcroft St Emillion, also known as Vinnie, is a 5 year old gelding who we bought as a 4 year old in September last year,” she explains. “He came from Woodcroft Stud in Cambridgeshire and is by St Morritz, out of a Weltmeyer mare.”

“Pachesham was our first time out and I was really pleased with him. I really like the Shearwater Young Horse Classes because you can take them to a show and allow them to go into the arena and relax into their rhythm without asking  too much of them. His trot is by far his best pace and he scored over 80% in the qualifier. From the moment I first sat on him I felt his power and he really seems to have the hind leg action that they need to go up the levels.”


The road to the Shearwater Young Horse Champs: Lizzie Murray

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Lizzie Murray has qualified two horses for the Shearwater Young Dressage Horse finals later this year. At Windmill Farm she won the 5 year old qualifier with Sweetheart and at Quob she won the 4 year old qualifier with Catherston Specific.

Lizzie competed internationally at pony, young riders and senior level with many different horses, often homebred stallions from Catherston Stud. Including Catherston Dazzler, Catherston Liberator, Catherston Humbug and currently Catherston Springsteen. Lizzie is a BD list 2 judge 3*int trainer BHS II regd and assistant dressage coach to British Eventing, training many of the equine pathway horses. She also trains many three-day event riders as well as dressage riders and horses.

“Sweetheart is a 16.2hh Rhinelander brown mare by Sir Donnahall and out of a Caprimond mare. We bought her from the Brightwells Auction as a 3 year old and last year she was 4th at the Nationals in the 4 year old Shearwater Potential Championships. This year she has also qualified for the Moloh Young Horse class and although I can’t compete at Novice level, I have another rider, Amy Blout from Catherston Stud, who has qualified her for the Novice regionals and part way to the Elementary regionals. She is a state premium approved mare in Germany, and is one I will keep to see how far she goes. She has fantastic balance and lovely paces so I have high hopes for her. She is very supple and forward in her training, in fact it has been a bit trying to get her to go straight down the centre line in a novice as she is very gregarious and can’t understand why she isn’t going sideways or doing something more interesting!”

“Catherston Specific is a 16hh chestnut mare, who we call Red! She is by Catherston Springsteen, who is my current Grand Prix horse and out of a mare by Humbug who was my previous Grand Prix horse, and he was by Dutch Courage. The bloodlines actually go back to the mare I was given as my 15th birthday present, so she is very much a homebred! She has just done the 4 year old classes and has one more chance to qualify for the Shearwater Potential Class. She is very sweet natured and has a super attitude and so far I am delighted with her – she is lots of fun!”

Lizzie Murray

The road to the Shearwater Young Horse Champs: Alice Oppenheimer with Headmore Dirubinio and Tantoni Sir Socrates

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Alice Oppenheimer has already secured two qualifications for Shearwater Young Horse Classes. It was the first Shearwater Young Dressage Horse 6 Year Old qualifier of the year at Windmill Farm and she won it on Tantoni Sir Socrates, then at Pachesham on 6th April she took first place in the 4 Year Old Potential Winners class with Headmore Dirubinio.

The 23 year old rides full time for her mother’s business, Headmore Stud, where she competes up to International Grand Prix level. “I produce my horses all the way,” she says. “My current Grand Prix horses actually did the Shearwater Young Horse Classes at the start of their career.”

“4 year old Headmore Dirubinio is a homebred stallion by Dimaggio and Pachesham was his first ever show. He is a very classy, 17.2hh beautiful chestnut horse that you wouldn’t know was a stallion – he is more like a big puppy dog! I think he has a really good chance at the finals and is a delight to ride! As he is only a 4 year old he gets quite a relaxed life with lots of variety, hacking and time out in the field.”

“6 year old Tantoni Sir Socrates is owned and bred by Georgina Pole Carew and only came to me at the end of October last year,” Alice tells us. “Windmill Farm was our second show together but he shows a lot of promise and has a great chance at the finals. He is a 16.2hh Chestnut Gelding by Sir Donnerhall and whilst being very sweet he is bit of a vandal when it comes to boots and rugs! He is aiming for the Medium Championships at the Nationals as well as the 6 year old classes.”


The road to the Shearwater Young Horse Champs: Mandy Day and Eaton

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On 23rd March, Mandy Day took 4 year old Eaton out to Norton Heath to do the Shearwater Insurance Young Dressage Horse Qualifier and was elated to win.

“My partner and I, Edward Brook, own a livery and training yard called Caldecote Farm in Bushley, Hertfordshire, where we have 40 liveries and quite a few horses in to buy and sell,” Mandy tells us. “Eaton is one of the young horses we bought as an unbroken 3 year old last year from Holland and he has so far excelled! He is by Warrant and has amazing paces, and will be for sale after the championships.”

“Norton Heath was only our second competition and he got 8’s for his walk and canter,” Mandy goes on to say. “I love his trainability and he has a lovely temperament, especially considering on the day we qualified there was a blizzard going on! I don’t tend to do much with the 4 year olds, he does lots of transitions in his schooling along with some pole work and a bit of jumping. I am looking forward to this season with him.”

Mandy Day and Eaton

The road to the Shearwater Young Horse Champs: Jacqui Fulton and Fiddlers Florence

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In the first of our blogs following the horse and rider combinations that have qualified for the Shearwater Insurance Young Horse Championships later in the year we speak to Jacqui Fulton...

Windmill Farm was certainly lucky for Jacqui Fulton and her homebred 4 year old mare Fiddlers Florence as they won the Shearwater Young Dressage Horse 4 year Old class on 13th March.

Flo Windmill2
“Fiddlers Florence is by Sandro Hill out of my own mare, who is by Rhodiamon/Donnerhall, so I have had her since she was a foal,” Jacqui explains. “The preparation feels like it has been going on for years. We had horsebox issues so at one point I thought I had this fantastic horse that wouldn’t ever be able to leave the yard!”

“I was due to have a baby last March so I sent Fiddlers Florence (known at home as Flo) to Diana Carter in Scotland to be backed,” Jacqui goes on to say. “Since then she has been ticking over and doing lots of hacking. I took her to various different indoor schools to get her used to travelling and to different venues and it has definitely paid off. I train with Richard Davison and he really likes her so I knew she was good!”

“At Windmill Farm she was so good, Nicky Barrett was judging and she commented that she had ‘clearly outstanding potential’! I think she could go to Grand Prix and will go as far as I can with her. She lives at home with me in North Warwickshire with my mare (her mother), a half brother and my daughter’s pony. I run my own business (, which allows me to be flexible and work the hours to fit around my family and horses. I am really looking forward to the Championships later this year!”

Since Windmill, Flo has also qualified for the Shearwater International Young Dressage Horse 4 year Old class at Somerford Premier League Show on 26 May 2013.

Flo Windmill1